Next Steps

We are all in different places in our relationship with God. We would love to help you find the next step in deepening your relationship with Him. Below are some opportunities for you to take a step to know God more and plug into our community in a greater way.

I Have Questions About God

Alpha is a series of 12 sessions exploring the Christian faith. Alpha is a space to explore life’s big questions, to say what you think, and to hear other people’s point of view. Each session looks at a different question around faith and is designed to create conversation. Alpha is a place to explore life‘s big questions in a safe and open environment where anyone can share their thoughts and opinions and ask questions without feeling judged. Every week we will share food together, ask life’s biggest questions together and most importantly, we will grow together. There is no cost, no sign ups, and no pressure. 

Any scheduled sessions starting up will be listed on our Groups Page under "Discipleship Groups".

Water Baptism

Baptism is the outward sign on an inward change.  It is a picture of burial and resurrection.  As you go under the water, your old self dies and as you arise from the water, your new being emerges. It is a wonderful experience that celebrates God’s goodness.

When you have accepted Jesus as your Savior, you begin a new life with Him. The way we make that statement public is through water baptism. To help you walk through everything on the day (Do I need a towel?, etc.), we have an orientation the Sunday before to answer your questions and go deeper in what it means to take the next step of baptism. We, as a church family, can't wait to celebrate this day with you!

Any scheduled water baptisms and orientations will be listed on our Events Page.

Church Membership

If you recently started attending East Hill and you feel like this is home, we are so glad! You’re invited to our 2-week class called Getting Started where you can learn a little more about us and become an official member. You can register for Getting Started on our Groups Page where any upcoming sessions will be listed under "Discipleship Groups".

Join A Group

One of the most life-changing things you can do in your walk with God is to become part of a community where you can form lasting relationships with others. We believe it is crucial to find a place where people know your story and you know theirs, and you can grow in your relationship with Jesus together. At East Hill, we have a variety of groups you can join and we encourage you to check them out!

East hill groups


God made us all unique with different skills, gifts, and passions. We'd love to help you find a way to serve that fits you.