Kerstin Berthold

    Jan 23, 2019 | by East Hill Church

    Kerstin Berthold was born in Germany and sent out by the East Hill Church Family to Cape Town, South Africa. She teams up with Pastor Xavier, his wife Heather, and the Coastland’s Leadership Team focusing on restoration and emotional healing groups. Kerstin starts and facilitate small groups using restoration resource material and also trains, mentors, and helps disciple new leadership. Licensed as a pastoral minister in Foursquare, part of her monthly ministry includes preaching at an old-age home nearby. In addition to administrative tasks, Kerstin does practical work at the church like watering and weeding the garden, painting, fixing up holes in the floor, and even building fences. She also helps with a ministry called “Above and Beyond,” feeding people in need. Having been in Cape Town for 8 years now, Kerstin’s heart is to serve her church and her community.

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