Changing People Change Culture


A Note from Pastor Aaron

Welcome to our Community Groups page! Here is where you can find a group to join in the East Hill Church Family! In the context of community, we travel deeper in our relationship with God and with others. The truth is, we need each other! Together we can learn, grow, and live fuller, more purpose-filled lives. I'm so glad you are checking out our groups! I'm here to help along the way. You can reach me at

3 Easy Steps to Finding Your People

A Community Group is a space for people to live life together around Biblical truth. We are here to make it easy for you to join a group and get started! 


Look at the groups below and pick the one that fits you best.

Sign Up

Sign up for the group you chose and email us any questions you have.

Meet Up

Enjoy new life-changing relationships!

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Women's Groups

During the joys and triumphs and through the lows and hardships, life is better when we live it together! Ladies, you can check out all our women's groups through the link below. When you click on each group you'll be able to read more about the content and details for the group you're interested in. Email if you have any questions.

Women's Groups 

Men's Groups

Enjoy a cup of coffee with a group of men, while connecting with each other in faith and fellowship. Bring your bible, paper, and pen, while we explore and apply God’s word to our lives. No preparation needed and no biblical foundation necessary. Just bring yourself and let’s learn together. Choose a group through the link below. Email   if you have questions.


Groups for Everyone

Joining a group allows us to be in community with other people and we learn, grow, and navigate life together. Whether you're a married couple, single young adult, or anywhere in between, you can join a group! Browse available groups through the link below. Email  if you have any questions!


Healing Groups

If you're struggling in a specific area, we have groups to help you find the path toward healing. These are safe spaces where you can be real, honest, and accepted. We have groups for sexual health, grief care, and more. Email  if you have any questions!


Want to lead a Group?

Help people regularly gather in your home, office or favorite coffee shop, facilitate discussion, and care for the members of your group. It just takes a small step of faith to find out more about hosting and leading!

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