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Each and every act of generosity matters and helps change the lives of others. God is generous, so we are too! Each tithe, offering, and donation is an act of worship that truly brings us closer to our faithful God! We humbly stay open-handed with all God has given us because we want to see the Kingdom of God thrive in our world. Thank you for your generosity.

Questions about giving?

See the FAQs below or contact us at  or 971-292-5075.


If you feel a specific prompting by God, or if you have a special passion for a certain area, you can designate an offering directly to that fund.


Offerings made to this fund go toward supporting our global missionary families and the work they are doing across the globe. From church-planting to meeting the needs of their community, this fund is making a profound impact by enabling our missionaries to bring the Good News of Jesus to our world.

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The Benevolence Fund provides Emergency financial assistance for a one-time need to active East Hill Church families. This money is also used to buy food for food boxes we distribute to families experiencing food insecurity.

Gift of Hope

By addressing people's practical needs, locally and globally, they will experience the love of God and know that they are seen. This fund supports a number of local and global initiatives.

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Heart for the House

The Heart for the House fund exists to invest into the “house” of East Hill, by updating and upgrading our physical structures and spaces. The vision is to unlock the potential to do ministry and capture more hearts for Jesus through a physical atmosphere created with love and intention.

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What is tithing?

Tithing is the Christian practice of giving the first 10% of our income to the church as an act of trust in God. It’s about acknowledging that everything we have comes from God in the first place so we give back to His purposes. Tithing is one way we worship God. 10% is the percentage of income many Christ-followers tithe, but many find themselves devoting more than that to their regular tithe. No matter what percentage you give, we believe God proves Himself faithful every time you choose to trust Him.

Is giving secure?

Donations made online, by text or on the app are processed by ShelbyNext Giving. No credit or bank account information is stored on East Hill’s computers. ShelbyNext Giving is a Level 1 PCI Compliant Service Provider. Meeting the rigorous requirements of the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI or PCI-DSS) means ShelbyNext meets the highest standards for security set forth by the Card Brands. Any organization that stores, processes, or transmits payment cardholder data, no matter what size, must meet these security standards to ensure security of donors’ sensitive payment information.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept donations from credit/debit cards as well as your bank account. While we are happy to accept your donation by any means, bank account donations cost significantly less, allowing more of your gift to go towards ministry.

Do I need to create an account?

No. That said, we do recommend creating one so that you can view your online giving history. Also, you will be asked to create an account if you’d like to setup recurring donations.

Will I receive a receipt when I give online?

Yes. You will be emailed a donation receipt each time you give. We recommend creating an account so you can view all of your online giving history. You will also be sent a giving statement in January of each year that shows all donations for the prior year, regardless of the method used to give.

Is there a minimum or maximum when I give online?

No. However, if you make a very large gift, we recommend that you contact us at so that we can ensure your gift is processed in a timely fashion. Large donations can be flagged and delayed for security reasons.

I’ve read through the information and I'm still having problems. Where can I get help?

Please send an email to . Include your name, phone number and explain the problem you are having. Our accounting staff will get in touch with you as soon as possible. Please note that our regular office hours are Monday-Thursday 8am-5pm.

How do I give online?

  • Go to and click on the Give link.
  • If you have already set up a user email and password, click on SIGN IN.
  • For a One-Time donation, click on the Fund drop down box and choose the fund for which you
    wish to donate.
  • Enter the amount.
  • If you wish to donate to more than one fund, click on +Add Donation.
  • Choose to pay by CREDIT CARD or BANK ACCOUNT.
  • Enter your card or bank information. The card may be a credit or debit card. Pre-paid cards
    and gift cards will not process.
  • Enter your billing information.
  • Click SUBMIT. A receipt will be sent to the email address you listed.

To Set Up A Recurring Gift:

  • Use the directions listed above and click on the box next to Make This Gift Recurring.
  • If you do not have an account set up, it will prompt you to register so you may enter your
  • Enter your method of payment if it is not already saved.
  • Verify that all information is correct and then click SUBMIT.

To Register For An Account:

  • Go to and click on the Give link.
  • On the Give page, click on SIGN IN and then on REGISTER FOR AN ACCOUNT.
  • Enter the requested information.
  • Note that you can sign into your account using either an email address or phone number.
    Enter both pieces of information and you’ll have the option of selecting which one to use
    when you log in.
  • Click REGISTER and a confirmation email or text will be sent with your login credentials.

Can’t remember your password?

From the SIGN IN option, click on EMAIL then on FORGOT PASSWORD. A temporary password will be emailed to the email address you list. Once you sign in with the temporary password, it will prompt you to create your own password.

How do I use text giving?

  • Text the word GIVE to 971-407-1645.
  • If it’s your first time, you’ll be prompted to click a link directing you to the online giving page
    to complete a one-time registration. Click SIGN IN then click REGISTER FOR AN ACCOUNT.
  • Complete contact information then click REGISTER.
  • Enter the secure PIN that the system texts to you.
  • Select the fund and enter the donation amount and payment information.
  • Click SAVE PAYMENT to keep your payment information securely saved for future gifts.
  • To text a donation after the one-time registration, you can give immediately without having
    to re-enter any of your information.
  • Simply text the desired amount to 971-407-1645. For example, text “100” and $100 will be
    donated to East Hill’s General Fund.
  • To give to a designated fund, text the amount followed by the keyword for the fund. For
    example, text “200 Benevolence” and $200 will be donated to East Hill’s Benevolence Fund.
  • Keywords:
    • Benevolence
    • MissionsGeneral
    • MissionsPoland
    • MissionsBalon
    • MissionsStorm
    • TurkeyBuilding
    • HSMissions (this fund supports the upcoming missions trip to Guatemala)
    • Advent
    • StudentMinistries (provides scholarships for Student Ministries events)
    • MinistryScholarship (provides college scholarships for those pursuing ministry)
  • Other Text Commands
    • EDIT – Make changes to your giving account and update contact and/or payment
    • REFUND – Refund your last gift. You must text “REFUND” within 15 minutes to refund the gift. If you realized the mistake after 15 minutes, please send us an email at with your name, phone number, the amount of the donation and the date it was made.
    • KEYWORD – See a list of the active keywords.

How do I use the giving app?

  • The mobile app allows you to make donations as well as see your giving history and manage
    your account settings and payment methods.
  • Download the ShelbyNEXT | Giving app. You can find links to download the app at
  • Open the app and search for East Hill Foursquare Church.
  • If you are a new user, choose “Create an Account” and complete the information form.
  • If you forgot your password, click on “Forgot Password” and a new password will be
    emailed to you.
  • To Make a Donation
    • Click on “Give Now”.
    • This will take you to our Giving page where you can enter the amount you want to give, the fund(s) you wish to give to and the payment information. You can also make the donation recurring by clicking in the box next to “Make This Gift Recurring”.
    • Click on “SUBMIT!”.
    • You will then be asked if you would like to return to the Giving app.
  • At the bottom of the app screen, tap on “History” to view your giving history. This history reflects donations you have made using our web page, the app or text giving. It does not include any donations you have made with checks or cash.
  • At the bottom of the app screen, tap on “Recurring” to view any recurring donations you have setup.
    • Tap on the recurring item to review and edit the donation or payment information.
    • Tap on the “+” in the top right corner to create a new donation.
  • At the bottom of the screen, tap on “Settings” to review and update your account settings and payment methods.

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