Gift of Hope

See people. Meet needs. Give hope.

The Gift of Hope is a special offering we will take during our Christmas Eve services. The Gospel of Jesus Christ propels us to look beyond ourselves with compassion to the unmet needs of the impoverished and disadvantaged in our world. God calls us to see and serve the poor. We will give joyfully so people can receive food, clothing, education, spiritual care, and more. We're giving much more than dollars this year: we're giving hope.

In 2023, the Gift of Hope Offering will benefit children, youth, and adults living in our local community. The needs are great in Gresham, Rockwood, Portland, and closely surrounding communities. This is our neighborhood, which God has called us to love and impact. Please read about the 4 partners we have established that will receive the funds from our Gift of Hope Offering.

For our global impact in the 2023 holiday season, we are excited to announce that the Return of the Tithe funds from the Foursquare Church will allow us to invest $54,017 globally. Those funds will benefit the church in Huye, Rwanda, as well as support other missionary work being done abroad. Read more here.

Ways to Give

Thank you for your compassionate heart and courageous generosity.

Give online by card or bank account. To designate your offering, select the Gift of Hope Fund when you give.

Give Online

Text the amount you wish to give to 971-407-1645 plus the code HOPE to the number below. (Example: "100 HOPE") 

More Info

Download the ShelbyNEXT | Giving App to your phone and search for East Hill Foursquare Church. Available on The App Store and Google Play. To designate your offering, select the Gift of Hope Fund when you give.

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Mail your offering to PO Box 650, Gresham, Oregon 97030.

Write checks to "East Hill Church" and designate your offering by writing "Gift of Hope" in the memo line.

Gift of Hope Initiatives

In 2023, the Gift of Hope Offering will benefit the ministries below. Read about the incredible work they are doing. We encourage you to visit their websites to learn even more.

Freedom Foursquare Church, Rockwood

Years of neglect and underinvestment have led Rockwood to be Oregon's largest, under-resourced, and challenged community. Under the leadership of a former East Hill Youth Pastor Dave Pauli, Freedom Foursquare Church, located in Rockwood, is working to meet the needs of the people in Rockwood. Our financial contribution will support their ministry in the following ways:

  • Freedom Foursquare Outreach Program
    • Feeding 800 people/month: serving lunch on Thursdays and breakfast on Sundays
    • Upgrading kitchen/pantry to commercial-grade
    • Purchasing new appliances for more effective food cooking/distribution
    • Updating shelving to support food program organization
  • Children's / Youth Ministry
    • Serving 20-30 kids each week. This ministry is a critical support to the children/youth in the community because 90% of kids do not come with their parents - they come from apartments/homes nearby where parents are not present for a myriad of reasons (jobs, mental health, drugs, etc.) Also, the youth group consists of children of all ages because older children can't come unless they bring their siblings because they are the caregivers while parents are unavailable.
    • Upgrading play area
    • Providing craft/project supplies
    • Providing snacks
    • Purchasing shelving to organize supplies and make it all more easily accessible.

We Belong PDX

We Belong PDX is supporting kids' mental health through year-round programs that give children access to trusted relationships and strategies to live healthier. This after-school program in Rockwood serves children ages 5-14 who have qualified for the program if they live in the neighborhood or have been referred by a school counselor. Here's how our financial contribution will support We Belong PDX:
  • Serving 15-20 kids at each location, which includes 3 churches: AS IS Church, Parklane Church, and Freedom Foursquare. The groups are kept intentionally small so the kids can be cared for well.
  • Summer Program Funding - the program runs mostly on donations and a few grants and funds typically run short by Spring making it difficult to stay open and available for summer programming.
  • Purchasing craft supplies and snacks
  • Helping fund field trips and creating experiences that these kids wouldn't have otherwise - hiking, career exploration, etc.

Gresham Barlow School District

The Gresham Barlow School district needs support for homeless students living within the district. In the first month of school, 300 homeless students had already been screened. Last year, GBSD had over 600 children who met the McKinney-Vento Homeless Assistance Act eligibility (living on the street, in cars, or couch-surfing). Our financial contribution will help homeless students by providing gift cards for emergency clothing.

Reynolds School District

The Gift of Hope funds will go toward supporting many homeless students and mothers fleeing domestic violence in the Reynold's School District. The schools are responsible for helping kids in these situations to get an education. Therefore, the resources are dedicated to getting students to school and providing for many basic needs. Funds will be put toward bus passes, laundry cards, gas cards, food cards, emergency clothing, rent, and utilities.