Finding Our Purpose

Deep down inside of each person, no matter which gender, ethnicity or cultural upbringing, we are all asking and seeking to answer a fundamental question: WHAT ON EARTH AM I HERE FOR? We inherently want to know what our unique purpose and contribution to the world is.

Beginning January 29 our church family will be walking through Rick Warren's Book, What on Earth am I here For?  to discover the purpose we have been created for in life with Jesus. We will also be working through the content of this book in groups.

Let's Grow Together



The key to this series making a lasting impact on your life, is processing in community! We encourage you to find a group to go through this series with. Click the button below to view available groups that will meet in homes and online. Some groups indicate if they have childcare available - please browse the groups listed!



Tuesdays at 7pm, January 31 - March 14

The Journey session will also be tracking along with our What On Earth Am I Here For? series this winter. Sign up to attend the Journey on the East Hill campus for 7 weeks. To participate, you'll need to purchase the Study Guide and bring it with you to each meeting.



Contact us at  (for Groups) or  (for The Journey).

Get Your Materials

As we go through this series, we recommend purchasing the full book for daily reading. The workbook (Study Guide) is the essential material to purchase for participating in a group or The Journey. The links below take you to Amazon, but you can purchase the materials through other stores too.