The Spring Journey is all about getting a new start. Together we will dive into the word of God as we begin to wrestle with the effects of the last two years. We will start the process of uncovering the pain, loss, confusion and fear with professional experts who have been specially trained to bring health and healing to our minds, emotions, body and Spirit. The Spring Journey will happen over the course of 7 weeks.

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The Spring Journey is May 3 - June 14, Tuesdays 7-8:30pm


Weekly Pathways

MAY 3rd

The Journey to Recovery

Journeys have ups and downs, twists and turns;  including the journey to recovery from this difficult season of life.  In this interactive first session,  we will look at the process of finding our "new normal".  Our time will be spent looking at the Biblical perspective of restoration, the process of recovery, and some very practical tools to help you move toward healing.  

Jan Brauer RN BSN MA

MAY 10th

finding rest in the stress

During times of stress, where can we find rest . . . for our bodies, as well as our souls? We will touch on:  What is 'stress'? . . . and how does it impact us? - What does God say about rest, and how is rest a "heavenly prescription" for us, even in times of stress?

James Brauer, M.D. FAAFP , board certified family medicine.

MAY 17th

Healing through times of loss and grief

Identifying and learning how to feel, cope and utilize self-care. We will define loss and grief and how our hearts can heal. We will be discussing the biblical perspective of grief by remembering the truth of who Christ is and who we are in Christ even in the midst of our grief. 

Tiffany Hutchison M.A., LPC, CADC I  Always Hope Counseling, LLC.

MAY 24th

finding our roots

We will explore how the Pandemic plus the noisy, fast-paced life has increased the need for finding God and connecting with Him as the Source. We will talk about why this is important for our mental, physical and spiritual well-being. We will identify and practice skills and techniques to help us connect with God. Centered mindfulness and contemplative prayer resources will be shared for taking practice further.  

Sherrie Thomas LPC - Behavioral Health , mental health and addiction

MAY 31st

rethinking conversations

How do we navigate tension and conflict in a way that restores connection instead of creating division?  Join us as we find our common ground in Christ and gain some new tools that will support us as a community in engaging in healthy ways with one another. 

Joy Roberts Co-founder of Friendzy and Joy of It, Emotional Competency Advocate M.A. Biblical Theology

JUNE 7th

healthy families

How do we help our children navigate the pandemic? There has been an impact on social development as well as an increase in depression and anxiety in children and teens. We will problem solve together and help parents begin the discussion of healing with their children 

Catherine Davis  George Fox adjunct facility, MS in School Counseling family and teen health

JUNE 14th

putting it all together

The experts will return and offer valuable advice as well as a time of Q and A on this last night of the Journey.  We will celebrate together all that God has done in us these last seven weeks. 


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